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We are loved globally!

A lot of companies are powered in a way or the other by Devops Nexus. Here are some of our clients, what they do and what we do for them.

Finance and Fintech

  • Acko General Insurance: Acko is India's first fully online general insurance company. Devops Nexus is responsible for managing their servers, scalability and high availability. Devops Nexus also provides general architectural guidance to Acko General Insurance.
  • Artoo: Artoo provides technology to field agents and related parties to overcome the challances faced by MSME and small business lenders. Devops Nexus helped them with service discovery and monitoring solution to help them improve their uptime.
  • Julo Finance: Julo is an Indonesian company which disburses loans to Android users in Indonesia. DevopsNexus helped them with Kubernetes containerization solution as well as with general automation.

Big Data and Data Science

  • Rorodata: Rorodata is a PaaS service targeted for data scientists. DevopsNexus helped Rorodata with automation to setup their infrastrucutre.
  • Formcept: Formcept provide data analytics tools some of the largest companies globally helping them make sense out of large datasets. DevopsNexus provided them with Kubernetes Containerization solution to help them ship and scale their products to their clients.

Food Delivery and Logistics

  • Runnr: Runnr was a food delivery company, evetually acquired by Zomato. DevopsNexus managed Runnr's infrastructure, scalability and high availability and helped them increase their reach to multiple cities in India.
  • Licious: Licious is meat delivery company operating in multiple cities in India. DevopeNexus helped them with automation to manage their infrastructure.

Other Notable Clients

  • Browserstack: Browserstack is one of the largest cross browser testing platform globally. Devops Nexus helped Browserstack with a logging solution as well as helped with high availability of some of their critical components.
  • Voter Circle: Voter Circle is political outreach platform operating in USA. Devops Nexus provided them a solution to create and manage Docker containers and Kubernetes with monitoring and alerting for critical events.
  • Trade Your Trip: Trade Your Trip is a last-minute holiday marketplace based out of Netherlands. Devops Nexus helped them scale their application and continues to provide consultation on critical technical matters.
  • Simplilearn: Simplilearn is a edtech company, providing virtual classroom courses globally. Devops Nexus provided them with a continous integration solution for their web application. This helped them reduce time to deployment significantly.