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From cloud to containers, we do it all!

We are experts at cloud management, container management, automation and more! Check out our expertise below:

  • Containerization We do Docker and Kubernetes day-in and day-out. Our customized Kubernetes installer has helped many of clients get started and manage Kubernetes in the matter of minutes. And we are offical Docker partners.
  • Automation We love automation and hate repeating mundane jobs. We have helped a lot of our clients in the area of automation using Ansible. We wrote a book on managing cloud using Ansible. And we are official Red Hat partners.
  • Cloud Management Be it Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean or even Alibaba Cloud, we have worked on all of them. We help our clients in migration, architechtural advice or just cost optimization.
  • Monitoring It is important to know the health of the applications before the customers. We help setup various monitoring and alerting tools and strategies to keep our clients ahead of their customers.
  • Full Infrastructure Management We undertake complete infrastructure management. We will help you architect, scale and manage entire application lifecycle from creation of the first instance to deployement, scaling and high availability.